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  • Sometimes when you have a look in mind that is a bit daring or different than your normal fair you can compromise-yourself-out of really nailing it.  You may find yourself trying to “anchor” it with something that is familiar, but I believe there are certain looks that are iconic and shouldn’t be fucked with.  Put the look together and rock it, like Cally Chapman did on her last visit to the Storehouse.  

  • The dress is a heavy textile 100% cotton fabric, while the lining in contrast is 100% rayon for a silky smooth light feel. 

  • One Teaspoon Western Shirt, 100% viscose, normally $98, on sale today for $78, x-small - medium available

    Kain Label Tube Dress, 92% viscose, 8% spandex, normally $118, on sale today for $95, small and medium available

    Yellow 108 Harvest Hat, cotton felt with leather tie band, normally $90, on sale today for $72, medium and large available

  • I love that Deus is so irreverent with their logo.  As a brand that lives a multi-faceted lifestyle that transcends from the country to the city it makes sense they would have multiple logos that incorporate facets of what I like to call the Freedom Life - bikes, boards, campfires, music, tattoos, buds and suds.  It’s not sociology, it’s just loving and living. 

  • The shirt is made in LA from a Japanese chambray.  The fabric has a better weight than most chambrays I’ve seen and it’s much softer. Solid fashion fit, so size accordingly.

    The selvedge duck canvas pants are cut and sewn in LA, the fabric is made at Cone Mills in Greensboro, NC.  Canvas on a whole is less expensive than denim, breaks in faster and doesn’t stretch as much, so it makes an awesome 5 pocket alternative to denim.  Straight leg fit.

  • Top Left - Illia Leather and Canvas jacket

    Bottom Left - Nicholas K Parka

    Bottom Middle - Scotch & Soda Military jacket with detachable quilted lining

    Bottom Right - ourCaste canvas quilted bomber

    Sunglasses - Call 303-442-2322 for details

  • Yes an impromptu photo shoot has been known to happen after most of the folks go home and we pull out the secret stash of whiskey.  Especially when artist and shaman, Jessica Trusty brings her buddy Kyle down from the Mountain for a night out and The Almond Butters, Derek Warwick keeps jamming long after the gears packed up. 

  • Purchasing this $10 store credit will give you admission to the Models & Rockers series on Thursday February 20th, 2014 starting at 8:00.  The Store Credit is good through the end of February but you can use it the night of the event as well.  Your name will be on our guest list at the door, so you don’t need to worry about printing out any proof of purchase. 

    Thursday nights event will include The Almond Butters band, Spencer Dustin’s art show ‘West of Rusted Hearts’ and complimentary drinks and snacks for your enjoyment during your social shopping experience. We believe in supporting up and coming musicians so all of the proceeds from your store credit purchase will go directly to the band. 

  • Life After Denim 100% cotton medium weight, loop weave cardigan with wood buttons. 

    Scotch & Soda Sandblasted Denim Shirt, 100% cotton, with raglan sleeves, distressed and missing pocket and metal buttons. 

    The Duke cut is a slim straight with relaxed seat and an ever so slightly taper at the bottom for a great look resting on tennies or the tops of boots. Each piece is individually distressed by hand, while the 13 oz. weight will prove to wear well and hold up over time!

  • The Comet shirt is 100% cotton and uses a unique threading technique that weaves evenly on the backside and resurfaces to form tiny dots on the front.  Killer design and quality. 

    The Duke cut is a relaxed cut through the thighs and seat but tapers at the bottom for a great look resting on tennies or the tops of boots.  Each piece is individually distressed by hand, while the 13 oz. weight will prove to wear well and hold up over time!

  • Greylin’s open back fitted dress has a unique blend of 64% rayon, 31% polyester, 5% spandex and 100% rayon black lining that covers from the inside out, makes it extremely soft and easy to wear.  The rouched hip and shoulder makes for a sleek and sexy look while the open back just finishes off the equation.

    The Greylin boyfriend blazer is all about the fit, comfort and details.  The blazer is a soft blend of 79% tencil and 21% polyester, the body is lined in 100% polyester white lace, and the sleeves are line in a 100% cotton, black and white stripe pattern like your boyfriends most conservative work shirt.  The lapel is noched, sleek and feminine while the length is a little longer to give it an oversized look.

    The Sarah Cavey druzy necklace is made by local jewelry artisan and Nod’s high school friend, Sarah.

    The braided wrap necklace can be wrapped in any creative way you can imagine…Nod likes to tie it like a loose neck tie, while E prefers the no frill shoe tie or the double wrap choker.     

  • So the last few buying trips have been in Las Vegas, but this time we decided to mix it up and head east.   What a difference New York makes.  I mean it’s pretty obvious, so there’s no need to point out the nuances between plastic and steel, show and substance, throwing money away and experiencing real taste.  But in case you were wondering, we love NYC and I’d go there in a blizzard every time.